A Lucky Guy!

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A Lucky Guy!

Postby feetmaster » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:03 pm

Dear Foot Freaks,

We recently had an email from 'George' - a Feetseekers fan who thought he had nothing to lose in asking if he could worship the feet of one of the Fetseekers' models. We like to make dreams come true here at Feetseekers and so after some enquiries with our models we've made a provisional date to have one of our girls (to be announced) let this lucky guy worship and sniff her stinky feet before she jacks him with an expert footjob. Hopefully we'll capture the scene on video for a future update.

Anyway George has an intersting story to tell, it's about how he got into stinky foot worship. We thought you might be interested to read about his little adventure that gave him the bug.

I’m 16 she’s 38.
I’m a horny teen, she’s a mature women going through a messy divorce…
One summer Friday night the story unfolded as follows….

After a night out me and a few friends went back to a friends house for a few drinks in the garden on a warm summer’s evening. After we arrived and got settled in the garden my friends mum (Jo) presented herself, dressed in just a very long t shirt, fluffy slippers and small secretary type black framed glasses. We had few drinks and laughs to some music then Jo said she was going to bed as it was getting late and let us get on with it. Me being the ever opportunist, decided to announce to the group that I was hitting the sack and went into the house.

This is, as they say where the plot thickens. I went upstairs to my friends room where I was sleeping and got undressed to just my boxers and got into bed. After a couple of minutes I could hear the TV in Jo’s room next door which was REALLY loud. I got out of bed and peered out the window into the garden where everyone else was still well into by now heavy drinking games. I ever so slowly walked out of the bedroom and onto the landing and very carefully peered through the crack of the door into Jo’s bedroom. She lay there on the bed in the same long t shirt, 34dd’s heaving against the material (I had previously gone through her bra draw to get the size of these lovely pert breasts), and amazing toned legs and THE best feet I’d EVER seen stretched out on the bed whilst watching the TV at a crazy volume.

I stood peering at her through the crack in the door for what seemed like forever but was probably only a couple of minutes. By this time my cock was rock hard and creating a tent in my boxers with a small pre-cum stain on the front. THEN, all of a sudden she snapped her head around and looked straight at me! Scared I jumped back from the door quickly pretending I wasn’t there. Then, I hear… ‘’Paul, come in’’. Gingerly, I popped my head around the door not wanting to go any further in due to my raging boner. "What are you doing", she asked? I simply explained I wondered what the noise was on the TV and came for a look.
Jo asked me into the room as she wanted to talk to me. I again tried to avoid it due to my trouser tent but she somehow managed to grab my wrist and pull me in. As she did she straight away saw the tent in my boxers and pre-cum stain on the front, she smiled suggestively.

"What’s caused that" she asked?

"Well Jo I’ve always liked you I can’t lie..." I said.

With that she ripped my boxers down revealing my raging cock and just said what do you like about me? I simply replied "EVERYTHING!". With that Jo said, "Go to the bottom of the bed and lick my feet".


I did just that and lick and sucked on her toes and glorious high arched feet that had a slight fragrance to them whilst she looked down at me and said, "I know you love my feet, I've caught you staring at them many times".

She then said "enough" and pulled me back up to her and looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm gonna suck this cock", and with that she did, it took literally 30 seconds before I told her I as going to shoot my load and she quickly said "On my feet". With that I moved to the end of the bed, sucked her toes some more and jerked a MASSIVE teenager nearly shagging his mates MILF mum sized load onto her feet. We both smiled and she went into the bathroom to clean up and I went to bed literally shaking.

We saw each other on and off for years after that growing up but nothing was ever mentioned, even after a few drinks if we were in private. She caught me staring at her feet a few times and I’m convinced that she used to wear high heels just for my benefit!

Anyway, that’s how I got a fetish for women’s feet and the power they can have.

Quite an interesting story don't you think. If anyone else has a story they'd like to share please feel free...

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